Conflict: The Art of Moving Forward


Need to handle conflict? What is conflict? Can conflict be positive? There are negatives to conflict, but is there ever a positive benefit?



Looking to resolve some conflict? Looking to introduce some conflict? Know the difference between good and bad conflict? This free paper delves into the scary place we all try to avoid.

You’ll learn the 5 Laws of Conflict, how to resolve bad conflict and how to introduce good conflict.

Get your copy today.

About the Author

David A. Zimmer, PMP, MS CS has managed projects for over 30 years in David A. Zimmer, MS CS, PMP, #davidazimmer, #davidzimmer, #davidzimmerpmp, #davidazimmerpmpthe telecommunications, pharmaceutical, construction and aero-space industries. Over the years, he trained thousands of people in several countries in the finer art of project, program and portfolio management. As an author, speaker, adjunct professor and consultant, Mr. Zimmer combines theory with real-world practical experience to create a new reality for his clients.


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