Microsoft Project 2010: A Guide To Practical Project Plans


Microsoft Project – The most frustrating product to use. It does things you don’t what it do and it doesn’t do things you want it to do. This book describes the #1 and #2 mistake people make in using the software. It shows you how NOT to make the same mistakes. The method taught in this book takes new users to expert users in no time flat. You owe it to yourself  to get this book.

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Microsoft Project 2010 represents the leading desktop project management software on the market. Because its interface is so similar to other desktop tools, many believe they can learn its use and navigate through its many features quickly.

And therein lays the problem….

Microsoft Project, MS Project, #msproject, #microsoftprojectMicrosoft Project 2010 is a very powerful, feature-rich and complicated program. It nicely hides the “gotchas” until they really count. Unknowingly, many users develop complex project schedules only to print them and shelve the software because it is too difficult to use. It doesn’t do what the user is expecting it to do. In the end, the user is frustrated, blaming the software rather than their lack of.

Microsoft Project 2010 – A Guide to Practical Project Plans strips away the mystery. It covers the topics a user needs to know to accomplish the job, not unnecessary features for daily activity. As project managers, we need to manage the project, not fight with software.

In this book, the user learns the 9 Steps to Practical Project Plans and the 7 Cardinal Rules of Microsoft Project.

The proven 9-Step method guides users in easily building useful plans. Along the way, the user learns project management fundamentals required for managing projects.

Additionally, the book reveals the #1 and #2 errors created by users and how to avoid them. Why be frustrated like others? Use this book and succeed at using Microsoft Project.


About the Author

David A. Zimmer, PMP, MS CS has managed projects for over 30 years in David A. Zimmer, MS CS, PMP, #davidazimmer, #davidzimmer, #davidzimmerpmp, #davidazimmerpmpthe telecommunications, pharmaceutical, construction and aero-space industries. He has been using Microsoft Project since version 1. Over the years, he trained thousands of people in several countries in the finer art of using this program. This book encapsulates his years of teaching and wisdom in project management and Microsoft Project. As an author, speaker, adjunct professor and consultant, Mr. Zimmer combines theory with real-world practical experience to create a new reality for his clients.


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