Three Cornerstones of Project Management: Essential Elements for Improving Project Management In Your Organization


Looking to improve project management practices in your organization? Learn the three essential elements all successful project possess. Learn how you can implement them in your organization regardless of your authority level.



How’s Your Project Management?

If Your Company Doesn’t Have A Formal Methodology for Project Management, You Need This Paper!

If Your Company Does Have Formal Processes, You Still Need This Paper!

A good foundation and walls built with inter-locking cornerstones make a stable building. If the corners are not fitted together properly or pieces are left out, the building won’t stand. We understand this completely for construction. Yet, many companies introduce and manage projects by cutting corners and leaving essential elements out, setting themselves up for failure.

Our experience shows three essential cornerstones help build more successful projects. There are more than three, but these ones are required.

You will learn the three cornerstones:

  1. The first stone helps the project manager understand project priorities,
  2. The second stone is the project’s guiding light and provides direction, and
  3. The third stone ensures all parties are on the same page at the same time at the same speed.

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About the Author

David A. Zimmer, PMP, MS CS has managed projects for over 30 years in the David A. Zimmer, MS CS, PMP, #davidazimmer, #davidzimmer, #davidzimmerpmp, #davidazimmerpmptelecommunications, pharmaceutical, construction and aero-space industries. Over the years, he trained thousands of people in several countries in the finer art of project, program and portfolio management. As an author, speaker, adjunct professor and consultant, Mr. Zimmer combines theory with real-world practical experience to create a new reality for his clients.


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