Training’s Impact on Your Business: Cost or Investment?


Training: Is it a cost center or an investment? It seems the training budget is cut before janitorial supply budget. Why is that? Is it because companies don’t value training? Or is it because they don’t see its effectiveness? This whitepaper answers the question: Cost or Investment. It reveals how to get the most out of your training dollars.



Training. Just the sound elicits different meanings and priorities to people. For some, it’s about discipline. Others think of improving skills or learning something new. And some see it as a budget line item akin to janitorial supplies and meal budgets – easily cut in times of trimming expenses.

Other see it as an investment for the future, driving much more revenue for the business than the expense of the seminar attended.

The question we must ask is, “How do we drive the most value from the training attended?” Is there something we can do to ensure the time and money spent results in increased income or savings. How do the attendees walk away with a positive perception of the experience so they’ll actually use the information learned.

This whitepaper, Training’s Impact on Your Business, provides the answers you need. Information-packed pages explore the various factors that determine the training’s value to your business. It clearly describes how to drive the most bang for your buck.

The information is based on actual seminar results, follow-up interviews, and talking with hundreds of people to gain the insight needed to drive the maximum value from the training. At American Eagle Group, we’ve adjusted our training to take advantage of the lessons learned to our clients benefit.

You’ll learn:

  • The 7 Factors influencing training’s value,
  • How to drive the most value from training,
  • How to view training as a business proposition to gain the greatest return of dollars spend, and
  • The proper questions to ask to understand training’s impact on your organization.

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About the Author

David A. Zimmer, PMP, MS CS has managed projects for over 30 years in the David A. Zimmer, MS CS, PMP, #davidazimmer, #davidzimmer, #davidzimmerpmp, #davidazimmerpmptelecommunications, pharmaceutical, construction and aerospace industries. Over the years, he trained thousands of people in several countries in the finer art of project, program and portfolio management. As an author, speaker, adjunct professor and consultant, Mr. Zimmer combines theory with real-world practical experience to create a new reality for his clients.


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