Objective market research through surveys, interviews, and other methods to obtain the best information concerning new product/service introduction, competitive analysis, or possible joint-venture opportunities.


Facilitating and organizing strategic planning efforts, gathering and organizing findings and developing them into actionable plans. 


When making decisions, tough situations require methods to wade through the information points, weigh the options and chose the optimal course. Don't second guess. Make the right choice based on solid data.


Work with every level of leadership in your organization helping them be more effective. We work with a number of leadership models to tailor the development into your culture.


Increase maturity levels of project management practices through training and process improvement. We use a structured approached measured against industry benchmarks to put you ahead of your competition and improve project success rates.


Help companies align everyday practices with organizational strategy and vision. Work with PMO to guide proper program/project selections to meet strategic objectives and outcomes. 

David A. Zimmer, PMP, MS CS, ITIL, CCP

David A. Zimmer, PMP, MS CS, ITIL, CCP
Strategic Adviser, Consultant, Author, Speaker


David A. Zimmer is a strategic adviser to some of the largest companies helping them understand market trends, competitive landscapes, internal business processes and proper project management methodologies. Over the years, companies have benefited from using his unique insights and abilities to simplify complex situations.

He has been a thought leader in the telecommunications and unified communications industries through his many published articles and industry presentations. His blog which defines project management terminology in detail is a favorite among project management professionals. He readily admits his desire to share his experience and knowledge with others, especially with the next generation of leaders as an adjunct professor at Pennsylvania State University.

His clients appreciate his sometimes unorthodox method of providing solutions to their stickiest problems. They see him as pioneering and entrepreneurial in his approach. His quick wit helps lighten tense situation so a clear resolution can be achieved.

Significant Accomplishments

  • Pioneered first commercially-viable PC-based electronic mail software.
  • Influential in the early days of EDI/e-commerce by spearheading development of PC-based EDI packages.
  • Generated over 500 test scenarios for EDI/e-commerce automated certification system.
  • Early innovator of unified communications systems and user-requirements through hundreds of articles, book contributions, consulting engagements, and industry conference presentations.
  • Authored and championed user requirements for electronic calendaring which lead to iCal/vCal standard used today in every corporation.
  • Promoter of proper project management methods for corporations through training, consulting, change management and implementation.
  • Increase companies' internal practice maturity levels through audits, research, road map strategies and change management.

Education and Certifications

  • Bachelor of Arts, Computer Science, Rutgers University
  • Masters of Science, Computer Science, Purdue University
  • Executive Masters Certificate, Project Management, Villanova University
  • Advanced Certificate, Business Analysis, Pennsylvania State University
  • Project Management Professional (PMP®), Project Management Institute
  • Certified Computing Professional (CCP), Institute for Certification of Computing Professionals
  • Information Technologies Infrastructure Libraries (ITIL)


  • Microsoft Project: A Guide to Practical Project Plans (version 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 [in progress])
  • Handbook of Electronic Messaging

Personal Goals For Business

  • Help companies succeed through proper decision-making models and methods, project management practices and aligning work efforts with business objectives.
  • Share knowledge and experience with the next generation of company leaders.
  • Work with industry leaders to innovate and pioneer future technology.

Personal Leadership Qualities

Based upon Gallup's Strength-Finders survey:

  • Strategic - creates alternative ways to proceed, quickly spots relevant patterns and issues.
  • Responsibility - takes psychological ownership of what he says and does, honesty and loyalty.
  • Achiever - has a great deal of stamina and works hard, gains satisfaction through productivity.
  • Futuristic - inspired by future and possibilities, inspires others with vision and leadership.
  • Relator - enjoys close relationships with others, develops trusted advisory relationships with clients.

Work with telecommunication providers for product/service introductions, go-to-market strategies, market and competitive analysis and user requirements.


Evaluate and Recommend solutions for internal systems to support every aspect of business from project management, intellectual property management, trademark name processing and project management.


Develop project management practices and methodologies to deliver construction projects on-time and within budget. Work with construction management to develop high-level project plans.

Tim Thorsen

ABOUT MS Project Training...

I think I am already ahead of the game with respect to being able to successfully use Project here...

One thought occurred to me regarding your class, which I did not think to identify in the critique sheet: I appreciate the way you organized the main points in your "9 Steps to Effective Plans" and "7 Cardinal Rules". While I believe that one should use caution on relying on checklists, it is a powerful way to assist the user in rapidly achieving success; one may then dig into the books and refine things later. Your rules address the "big rocks" first. Nicely done.

Stephanie Fladung
Associate Director, PMO
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative
“David provided excellent customized PMP®Training at my company. What I found unique about his training style is the way of putting excitement into any topic, especially project management. In an engaging way, he is able to both simplify and hone in on what is relevant when presenting a large amount of project management materials. After taking one of his PMP® Training Classes you walk away feeling confident you will be able to easily pass the certification test later.” 
Engineering Lead
Gainesville, FL

ABOUT MS Project Training....

After ten years of experience with Microsoft Project, I was looking for just a few new tips. After Mr. Zimmer's seminar, I learned much more than I expected. He really helped me understand exactly what Microsoft Project was doing. And I learned many more than just those few tips! An excellent instructor. The best I've ever had.

Sally Spencer
Pharmaceutical Manufacturer
Director, PMO

ABOUT Project Management Consulting and Training...

We will definitely recover our investment in no time. The value of your training was easily worth 5 times greater than what you charged. Thanks for a great learning experience.

Peter Golinsky
Wireless Provider
Director of Operations

ABOUT Futuristic Insights...

I consider David to be my first mentor in the corporate world. Time has proven that David is a visionary in several fields. In 1993, well before VoIP, IM, Fax to email, etc., David created the term "Unified Communications" while sitting on standards committee at the Electronic Messaging Association. He exudes competence and is always a pleasure to work with.

Since that time, I've continued to stay in touch because of his pioneering and innovative nature. As I moved into this position in the wireless industry, his knowledge of user trends has kept me one or two steps ahead of my colleagues providing insights into the direction of the industry. He has become a trusted adviser and friend and remains one of my mentors.

Kelly Warfield
Internet Infrastructure Provider
Executive Director, New Product Marketing

ABOUT Go To Market Strategy...

I work for a large company and my focus is to properly deploy new products and services to the market. Having the proper insight into the customer needs and group demographics is critical to our success.

We hired Mr. Zimmer to review our meticulously prepared marketing plan and release strategy before launching our latest endeavor. He listened intently as we laid out our plan asking pin-pointed questions as we went. When we finished, with uncanny insight, he asked one final questions which exposed the flaw in our plan. In that moment, I realized I almost blew $5M in marketing budget had we gone forward with our plan without revision. Was he worth his consulting fee that day? You  bet, and with plenty to spare.

I was extremely impressed with his breadth of business knowledge. He understood our operations almost immediately and he related other industry experience to our situation. We got more than a simple answer to our plan. We gained valuable insight into our customer base.

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