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American Eagle Group is conducting market research to study Millennial Leadership and Constructs. Our goal is to understand what it means to lead the millennial generation from two perspectives: from the older generations currently in positions of authority and from the millennial worker themselves. Because of the social upbringing of the generations during different times, we see a gap between the meaning of leadership and the preferred manner of being lead. Our desire in conducting this study, although not intended to answer all the questions, is to provide answers to both groups - the generations in positions of leadership and the millennials - with techniques to overcome the gap. The results of the study will be reported through articles, presentations, training seminars and consulting/coaching to both groups.

Our study team includes two baby-boomer generation members and three millennial members. Interaction between the team members has been very open and insightful.

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We researched. We survey. We analyzed and presented our findings at Penn State University - Abington Campus. View our Findings Presentation Video Here. Paper forthcoming. Register below to get a free copy of the paper.

We are currently in a research phase understanding the current body of knowledge (ok, a minute amount of the vast number of articles, studies, videos, podcasts, books, etc.) to formulate our hypothesis. We plan to complete our research portion by the end of January 2018.

During the month of February 2018, we will be formulating and construction our survey questionnaire.

We will conduct the survey during March 2018 via online participants and in-person sessions at the local Abington branch campus of Pennsylvania State University. We will leverage the use of Facebook and Linked-In social media connections  for the online participants.

April 2018 brings the analysis and reporting portion of the project. We will collate the data from the survey response, develop our findings paper and finally, present the findings to the students, faculty and staff at the Penn State campus.

Each team member is very excited about this great opportunity. We ask for your participation during the survey sessions so we can gather good information.

The Millennial Leadership Study Team

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  • Conflict: The Art of Moving Forward
  • Introduction to Project Management Terminology
  • Three Cornerstones of Project Management: Essentials Elements for Improving Project Managment
  • Training's Impact on Business: Cost or Investment?

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The Millennial Leadership Study Team

David A. Zimmer, PMP

Major: Computer Science
Graduated: Yes
Future Plans: Speak/Write on Leadership Topics
Hobbies and Interests: Home Remodeling, Writing, Speaking

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Previous Millennial Leadership Study Team Members

Ralph D. Taglialatela

Major: Organizational Psychology
Graduated: Of Course
Future Plans: Leadership Training/Seminars
Hobbies and Interests: Learning

Michael Daniels

Major: Business
Major Focus: Accounting
Graduated: May 2018
Future Plans: Internal auditing with one of the Big Four Accounting Firms
Hobbies and Interest: Golf, fishing, hiking with my chocolate Labrador Retriever 

Shauntell Moore

Major: Business
Major Focus: Management & Marketing
Graduated: May 2018
Future Plans: I plan to go to NYC to obtain my cosmetology license and open up my own salon with the knowledge of business and beauty
Hobbies and Interests: Freelance hair and makeup, Music, spending time with my family

Carmen "Alex" Matteo

Major: Business & Administration
Major Focus: Financial Services
Graduated: May 2018
Future Plans: In the process of applying to law school and/or graduate school
Hobbies and Interests: Working out, watching the Philadelphia Eagles and spending time with family and friends